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Since 2016, we’ve focused on highlighting the voices of People of Color from all over the globe.


Our Mission

The most impactful changes usually begin with a conversation. Conversations that cause you to bend and stretch, to learn and live. When we share our own unique perspectives, with everyone receiving a seat at the table, there's nothing we cannot accomplish. With each new episode, Kwofi and Justin share their perspective on a host of topics from religion, sports, film, books, and more. They'll invite friends and family along the way. They'll argue and disagree, as well as partner and collaborate. And in the end they'll emerge better. It's their hope you will too.

The Podcast

A podcast is a radio show that you can listen to through the internet, that way you can listen whenever you want.

You can listen to a Podcast in two major ways: You can listen to a podcast through a website (this is called streaming). Or, you can download (this is saving it to your phone, tablet, or computer)and listen even without an internet connection.

We explain how to listen to a podcast here (Step 2).

Conscious, honest and thoughtful.
— Bianca, Subscriber