Hey y’all.  


It has been been a busy month for me; moved into a new apartment, started graduate school, began the last few chapters of my book... it’s an exciting time, I think. 


In the midst of those changes, I’ve still been able to read and watch some really cool things, so here’s what I’ve got: 

I’ve spoken often with friends about what’s the myriad of activities between China and many African nations.  


Zambia is one of the most recent to find itself in a familiar predicament.






If you’re not familiar, China has been pumping a LOT of money into Africa for quite some time now. All types of loans and investments, with the promise that it’s more business and philanthropy than modern-day colonialism. 


Right now, I think it’s fair to call it very concerning in the least.  


I also just just recently finished Ozark. I’ll assert it’s one of the most subtly intense shows out there right now and it is easily one of the best sequel seasons you can find. Check it out.  

Justin Smith