Holy crap, read this article. 

"The latest example of this is an “ethnicity detection” algorithm marketed by Moscow-based NtechLab as an “upcoming feature” to the facial recognition technology it sells. The new algorithm which promises to accurately look at images of people and determine their ethnic background; an image that was on the site, but has since been removed due to public backlash, showed classifications like “European,” “African,” and “Arabic.” While the image has been removed, ethnicity recognition is still listed as an upcoming product on the NtechLab site."

And another one...

Uganda is worried about the number of Chinese men marrying their women

"Contractors, petty traders, investors, and entrepreneurs from China have been pouring into Uganda for the past decade. China is a top investor in the east African country, accounting for as much as half of total foreign investment between 2014 and 2015, according to the Uganda Investment Authority.

But according to Ugandan immigration officials, there’s one major downside: an increasing number of Chinese men are marrying Ugandan women to gain residency and continue their business interests in the country."

Also, reading Blink again.


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