Talk about news I was not expecting. Just when I think I can predict which projects directors will select, I'm hit with curveballs just like this one. I did not at all see this coming, but I can express mitigated excitement. Orion was such a cool character for me, and any chance that I may get to see Scott Free on the silver screen is a welcomed addition.

My concern, still, stems from the repeated proof that DC has no idea what they really want to do with their films. There was a path that Avengers forged that I guess they felt they couldn't directly copy, but then, they kind of did anyway. The order of their films are, well, out of order and the emotional backing needed for a villain like Darkseid, simply is not there. 

One of these days I'd like to dedicate an entire area of the website for us to talk about this kind of stuff because I always find that I have so much to share on the subject.

Ok, I came across a lot of content this week. Let's get right into it:

Pictures I saw:

Zack didn't really give us much in Batman v Superman. You could even argue that even the striking visuals couldn't uplift just a vapid outlook. I say even still, this is one cool picture:



I just wish this had much more meaning :/

I just wish this had much more meaning :/

Ok next, is another cool photo I came across on the interwebs.

Just sit and look at it for a bit.

Just sit and look at it for a bit.

There's a lot here that I enjoy; the neatness of the script, the attention to color and detail, the concept of the circles. This was something that I sat and looked at for quite some time.

OK next, we have some conspiracy type stuff. First, one of the best and cited comprehensive looks at the UK/Russia spy killings. If you didn't even know this was a thing, boy, should you buckle up. Link below.



The second thing here is even weirder. It's been dubbed the "Twiter Voicemail Conspiracy" and I have to admit, I got a weird feeling as I was going through this information. It has to do with a mysterious voicemail being sent to a bunch of folks, en masse, at random, with content that you have to see to believe. Link below.


Alright, let's eyebleach that with an inforgraphic that I found that was really interesting:


Only thing missing is a bit of cost benefit analysis!

Only thing missing is a bit of cost benefit analysis!

Interesting right? Well, I have one more for you. It's a proposed concept for the next generation of tires by Goodyear. Check it out:


Alright everyone, that's what I have for this week. See you on the 23rd.

Justin Smith