10% of Amazon employees in Ohio are on food stamps

PolicyMattersOhio.org reported that 700 Amazon employees in Ohio (about 10% of the company’s entire workforce in the state) receive assistance from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

With Amazon being one of the biggest, most powerful companies, why is this?

Well, at the root it effects temporary works the most, and a lot of the time, we're talking about People of Color, here, so this is what grabbed my attention. The crux of all this is that though Amazon pays its full-time employees about 15 an hour, it relies heavily on temporary workers that cannot support themselves without government assistance.

I read a lot about Bezos, Elon, and Richard. In a lot of ways I look up to them and their successes. They all talk about the role of technology in solving societies ills and problems. Like a Destiny 2 type utopian golden age. Though I do believe we are trending for a new, technological golden age, everyday I'm reminded that these goals are always going to be complex.

Here's a few more things I've looked at this week:

First thing I saw was how much Facebook is changing the newsfeed. Last week, Mark Zuckerberg announced a major revamp of Facebook’s News Feed algorithm to prioritize content shared by friends and family, and demote branded posts from publishers and businesses.

This is interesting to me because this was one of Mark's own creations, and after revamping it over and over, it seems that he's given up on it..

It does, however, mean that some things are going to change for publishers, and their now 2 billion+ users:

Publishers like Elite Daily, LAD Bible, and all those other ones are taking an L. Thing is, they relied on Facebook posts to drive site traffic. They're most likely going to see a big decrease in viewership. 

And according to The Hustle, "That said, most established, “premium” publishers are more balanced in their sources of web traffic, and have been quick to highlight that Facebook doesn’t owe anything to publishers who chose to hinge their entire business on a third party platform." Which is true. 

As far as music, I've updated the Bow, the Dip, the Woo. I'll link it below.



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Justin Smith