So far, one of the coolest things I've read this week. This is an example of the type of ingenuity technology provides to those who need it most. As the article explains, "While commercial drone delivery in wealthier countries is still at the testing stage, hampered by busy skies and strict regulations on airspace, Zipline is delivering blood to 12 regional hospitals from a base in the east of Rwanda. Each hospital serves about half a million people."

For many developing countries, access to vital resources as a challenge as infrastructure and terrain inhibit access to medical professionals and their supplies. The use of drones helps counteract these challenges in a modern and efficient way. I'll be keeping an eye on this development to be sure it doesn't doesn't go south.


I hyperlinked "south" because of another story I read this week. Few month ago I read an article on the exciting innovation in one of China's busiest cities. It looked great, conceptualizing the idea of running a steady bussing system where the busses themselves floated over the cars. Here's how it looked: 

The idea seemed exciting, carrying "up to 1,400 passengers at a top speed of 60 kilometres per hour." But this week, word got out about, "At least 72 investors have filed lawsuits against Bai and Huaying Kailai for private lending disputes, according to the Southern Metropolis Daily." There were already doubts of the technical validity of the idea and finances required seemed enormous. It now seems the whole idea was a scam. 

What I heard:

As far as music, I've had a few songs on repeat this week. The first, Want 2, comes from BAYNK. I look at them as a more up-to-date version of The Chainsmokers. I realize this puts them at the bleeding edge of trend, as The Chainsmokers are not at all an old group, but the sounds are fresh and call back to some of their influence. Check it out:

The key for me is the sonics and engineering--the tambourine, the 808's, the piano. It all works very well to create a nice and mellow electronic song. The beat allows you to workout to it, and the calmness of it makes it work for easy listening as well. 


The next song I've had on replay is Hiccup by Verzache. I don't know this kid, he's new to me as he is to you and looks young. His song has a very stripped down feel to it, with the basics of an acoustic guitar, until the brings in the beat. I researched the song and it looks to be all him, which I really like. 

It's a unique sound and something I haven't quite heard in a while. He throws in some harmonies, and even brings back a very Southwestern-sounding guitar at the end to put a nice bow back on the song.


That's all I have for this week. See y'all after the new year and have a great Holiday.



Justin Smith