Most of you are aware of Trump's words over this past week. I love this article because it reflects the type of moral sacrifice that I is inspiring to me. Sadly, what it does ultimately to fight white supremacy is an entirely different conversation. 

I think one of the most telling traits of white supremacy in this country is that no number of African or Haitian Ph.D’s will dismantle this type of rhetoric and the power that such men have to wield it without repercussions. 

The success of black people cannot “fix” white supremacy and its insidious nature. I make this point to make sure we’re making a separation between the big ideas we have about society and the day-to-day lives that we all trudge through. 

On the one hand, we have successful black immigrants who chose bravery and courage to start over in our country, and many have been rewarded. I believe, from a day-to-day perspective, this is a success, but what does it do for our society?

On the other hand, we have presidents, sheriffs, pastors, and teacher all of whom are racist and continue on in their day-to-day lives as well. 

So where can we make headway against bigotry? 

I think a huge step, for both people of color and whites, is to become dissatisfied with our day-to-day lives as they exist within this system. I fear too many people of color are content with society so long as they have made enough money, or attained some semblance of power. I fear equally for whites that since they don’t “actively” participate in many of the “main” forms of racism(racial epithets, klan membership etc), they’re in the clear and absolved. 

We need enough of us willing to give up what makes us comfortable day-to-day to make any real progress. Until then, we all just go back to our lives.



Justin Smith