What I read:

That's right, a for-profit prison that can't keep enough prisoners threatens to close instead of, you know, just closing.

The Prison Industrial Complex is a beast and if you're unfamiliar with the concept I strongly encourage doing your own personal research. This more recent article is simply one in an even larger pool of data that all point to how jacked up the private prison system in America is.

The second thing I ran into this week may be something you never knew:

The sunglass market is controlled by a single company, who possess ~80% market share, and also a large amount of the sunglass sales networks.

They're called Luxottica, and they own:

- Alain Mikli

- Arnette

- Eye Safety Systems (ESS)

- Oakley

- Oliver Peoples

- Persol

- Ray-Ban

- Sferoflex

- Vogue Eyewear


Make under License:


- Giorgio Armani

- Brooks Brothers

- Bulgari

- Burberry

- Chanel

- Coach

- Dolce & Gabbana


- Michael Kors

- Miu Miu

- Polo Ralph Lauren

- Paul Smith Spectacles

- Prada

- Ralph Lauren

- Starck Eyes

- Tiffany & Co.

- Tory Burch

- Valentino[29]

- Versace


and own the sales chains:


- Sunglass Hut International

- Apex by Sunglass Hut

- LensCrafters

- Pearle Vision

- Sears Optical

- Target Optical



- EyeMed Vision Care

- Optical Shop of Aspen

- Laubman & Pank


- Oliver Peoples

- Alain Mikli

- Oakley

- David Clulow

- Glasses.com

- Econópticas

- Salmoiraghi e Viganò

This week, I fell down the rabbit hole of monopolies and came across this little gem about the sunglass industry. I was blown away by their reach. It all started when I began perusing back over information about the diamond industry and I had to stop here first. I mean it's pretty much every sunglass company I've ever heard of or purchased from. Pretty crazy right?

Here's another doozy:

Indiana nurse loses job after saying sons of white women 'should be sacrificed'

This article has to be share because I think it further confirms a stance I've always had: no one is above reproach. That includes Black folk too. 

There's a moral standing that I do my best to uphold and there are certain lines I believe you cannot cross without repercussions. This article highlights one of those line crossings. 

I'm not sure there is any racial power imbalance that can condone statements like the one above. The young lady also lost her job, as she very well should have. There are just some things you should not say.

What I watched:

I'm currently working through the Punisher, and to be honest I'm struggling with it. It's a case study on PTSD that's taking quite some time getting started. The pacing is trying and the characters aren't quite up to the snuff that I think they need to help me get through 13 episodes, but to be fair, I'm only 3 episodes in thus far so I'll reserve my verdict until it's complete. That said, I'm still not touching Iron Fist with a 10ft pole.


Justin Smith