What I read:

I'm in a book club, and right now we're reading Girl in Snow, a murder mystery that takes some unexpected forms. I've you're into that, check it out so we can discuss it!

Here's a few articles that stuck out to me this week as well:

Guillermo del Toro says he saw a real UFO and it was 'horribly designed'.


Elon's South Australian battery

What I watched:

"The Expanse" (Season 1 on Amazon) Syfy's return to space opera is like "Game of Thrones," but with interplanetary travel. Mixing a murder mystery and a Cold War conspiracy story, "The Expanse" is full of zero-gee special effects and characters flying around the solar system, trying to prevent a war that could end humanity. The first season is available to stream on Amazon, while the second season recently wrapped up on Syfy.

"The Path" (Season 1 and 2 on Hulu) Things are spiraling out of control in the cult known as Meyerism in Hulu’s drama, which just started its second season. Aaron Paul loses his faith and tries to get out, leaving behind his family of believers. Oh, and Hugh Dancy is an unhinged cult leader who’s losing control and murdering folks.

What I heard:


Justin Smith