I believe that the quote said, "Nestlé's cage-free commitment is a major step forward for animals across the world." Yup, that's what they said. (Hint: It isn't.)



First let me say that "cage-free" essentially means that Nestlé's going to go with 250,000 hens in a giant, Costco-esque warehouse where they can defecate on and cannibalize each other freely as opposed to 250,000 hens in cages in a giant, Costco-esque warehouse defecating and cannibalizing each other. 


It's pretty much the same thing.

I want to say that it doesn't matter that much, as Nestlé has a history of breaking commitments anyway, but deforestation isn't that big of a deal, right? I'm not just harping on Nestlé either, this is just the most recent example. You've got Hershey and Mars in on it too. 

Of course, that's not all I've learned this week, I just wanted to open with that because, well, we only have one planet to work with. And frankly, I'm tired of huge corporations this week in particular. No, your billion dollar philanthropy doesn't count when you a) Openly allow the interpretation that the intent is beautifully planet-saving and essentially Kal-El-level goodwill (When it just isn't, really.)  And b) Only apply said investment to lock up any competing solar or other experimental, non-oily, technology that will eclipse oil eventually anyway. 

It's one of those wack, "bottom line" conversations that I don't want to get too deep into. The pursuit of money is the root of all evil, as the saying goes, and trust me, if we're dealing with people who have admittedly lied to the globe for 50 years about climate change, I'm sure there's room for more money-driven depravity.

Man this is getting preachy. Already. Ok, let's switch gears.

What I've heard:

As you can already tell, a lot of this may be a bit tongue-and-cheek, so I may play with this in the literally sense as well as the figurative in later posts. As far as this week, though, we're keeping it literal. 

I've come across this little gem, Nostalgia by NAO.

Listen, it's really good. It's got a bit of a pop and slap to it that you're used to from the 80's. Her voice is squeezed in between a robust baseline that helps you keep your neck roll to its fullest potential. She throws in the tambourine and you're in for a toe-tap. And I'm not joking. Press play and you'll see exactly what I mean. If this is your first introduction to NAO, buckle up. 

This song is a bop and it's going to make you want to step--probably forward and back and to the side in a line. It's that kind of song. My mind's eye sees shiny shoes and shades on during the night. There's a guy at the other end of the function who's snapping his neck to one side and his shirt is half unbuttoned.

OK I'm done.


Second song is from the floating voice of Rhye. She's got a new danceable diddy that lives up the quality you'd expect. In Taste, we're given a duality that's as refreshing as it is entertaining. She employs some string when it slows down a bit to remind you of her versatility. 

I'd recommend playing these two songs back-to-back to pretentiously prove to your buddies that you've good good taste, pun intended. You hit them first with the NAO, and follow up with the Rhye and now you're getting song suggestion requests and sneaky Shazam covert operations. Just act like you don't see it and smile to yourself.



What I've Seen:


This one is going to be nice and short and to the point:


There's a larger conversation here about society and how it deals with child actors, but it's heavier conversation that I'll reserve for a later date.

There's a larger conversation here about society and how it deals with child actors, but it's heavier conversation that I'll reserve for a later date.

What i've Read:

I've recently joined a new book club (Aptly named the The Black Book Club), where we'll being Girl in Snow. I've thumbed through a few pages, and as of right now I don't have an opinion on it. If you've read it, throw in a comment below and give me your review.



WHEW! Ok. I did it. Week 001 is done!

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