Week 1




in thirty years living, i’ve come to appreciate the circle of life as it has been revealed to me. the cycles, the seasons, the relationships and experiences.. the spectrum of sentiments: zeal, and despair, confusion and hope, devotion and fervor.

i’ve seen these things be birthed, have life, and die in peoples spirits. they’ve led to wars and revolutions, they’ve produced ballads and gave way to symphonies.

they’ve been the sparks of change in families, in communities, in villages and nations. they are what is wound deeply into the fiber of every human being. some of us are more keenly aware, and available to them than others. and to those it is often clear and apparent, from the look in their eyes that they can, have and will continue to alter and enhance the human experience they inhabit.

these people don’t sit and wait, nor do they run and hide. from the womb, from conception, from time’s beginning, these people were destined to overcome the sometimes common, always inevitable onslaughts of being opposed, questioned, tried and sometimes bested. yet, they are never conquered nor do they settle into failure. these are the spirits of those who shift the course of history.

this was the spirit i saw in the eyes of little Indigo Alyce Peters.

i am overjoyed, and inspired by the life of this little one, and i anticipate seeing who she is revealed to be, and how she will shape our reality.


edward titus 



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