We love us.

We love how we dance, how we sing, how we build.

We love how strong we can become when we are unified. 

At our core, we are strong. We live and thrive.

We have dreams, hopes, and goals. We look to a better future as a people and if necessary, we will make a stand to ensure it.

We find it imperative that we observe all members of our collective with the same respect, compassion, and love that we all have a right in receiving.

The amount of melanin may differ, but the amount of humanity does not. We wanted to find a way to encourage this.

We wanted for us to make a stand. So here we are: 

This is the goal of Pigmented Perspective: To share our stories with each other.

To learn about each other.

To share our stories in the hopes that we all will be reminded of the humanity we all share.

To this end, we believe conversation will help us find the humanity in ourselves as well as each other.

This is how we make a stand.

This is how we become incredible.

Love others... And love yourself. 

Come and let us reason together.