Humanity In Melanin


Fernando Rickart, 33, Boston

Fernando Rickart, 33, Boston

“I define humanity as a collection of people with different backgrounds, beliefs, life experiences, and moral values all trying to share a world.

My upbringing was unconventional, but I come from a caring, loving family that taught me virtues from the beginning. My parents got divorce when I was very young. There was no opportunity for my mother in Dominican Republic. After the divorce she moved to the States in search of a better life. During that time my grandparents took care of me, despite that fact my father was still in the picture. I was reunited with her a few years later, sadly after the passing of my grandfather. The sacrifices my mother had to make to provide a better life for me is something I can’t never repay. It makes me appreciate everything I have accomplished and it humbles me as a person. Now has an adult, husband, and father of two I can only hope I can teach them the same moral values as my upbringing did.

What I want to see from humanity is a cure of cancer. As a father of two boys there is nothing more important to me than there health. I can’t imaging having to go through something like that.”