1. What does humanity mean to you?

Humanity - human beings, collectively; the human race. A diverse group inhabiting the same space, sharing the same resources, and  


2. Where do you think we should focus to work past our differences?

I know how I want to answer this question, but am having a hard time putting it into words.

So bear with me while I try - we need to focus on experiences that have thus far been taken for granted, or considered less important.

We need to realize that while some shit happened a while back that we are embarrassed of and would rather not think about or address, it DID happen. And not talking about it or taking responsibility for it doesn’t make it any less a part of our history.  Oh, and also - it’s STILL happening. And not talking about it or taking responsibility for it STILL doesn’t make it any less of our story now, or our future.  Nothing will change if we keep pretending like nothing is fucked up and nothing needs fixing. Nothing will improve between us if those in power continue to work so hard to stay there. 

Those of us that were born into this shit hole of a society have a responsibility to fix what’s broken. It is our legacy, but doesn’t have to be our future.  The problem is, we are too comfortable at the front of the bus, and are too afraid that sitting in the back will make us car sick to give up our seat.


3. Your opinion on "color blindness”

I’m assuming by “color blindness” you mean “I don’t see colors, i see people”, etc.  Here are my two cents about that white bullshit  (because obviously a white person came up with that) - Saying “I don’t see color” means “I see no difference between me and people of color”, which is diminutive. It’s belittling and unfair.  It’s whitewashing, if you really think about it. It’s one of the biggest problems with people my age. We are afraid to acknowledge that our people, our grand parents and great grand parents, lived in a world that said that segregation was natural and right, and that anyone who wasn’t white didn’t count.  So, in my humble opinion, “color blindness” is not only destructive, but also horse shit.